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A Little About Me

I get asked a lot about how long I’ve been doing photography. The answer is almost 5 years. I picked up a camera when my first daughter was born and decided I would give it a shot. I could get some cute pictures of her, right??

But more importantly I remember the when I realized how important capturing moments was. I was shooting my first birth and when I delivered the new mom her gallery, I realized I was giving her what she couldn’t see. Everyone else in the room witnessed this amazing moment and while she was in it, she didn’t experience it like the rest of us. My images allowed her to see the fathers facial expressions, the babies first breath, the raw beauty of herself in labor. Looking back I knew then that this was the path I wanted to take.

So began my journey of learning how to capture moments. Shooting stills or film, I look for what tugs at your heart strings.

The picture above is an image of my three favorite subjects. I also have an amazing husband, a bonus daughter and two females guinea pigs. Girl power!