Sister Love

There are times I really have to work for smiles like these.  Malia and Lahela made my job so easy. They were full of laughs and giggles and sass!  My favorite kind of session!

To have and to hold...finally.

The old saying, "if you love someone, let them go and if they come back to you, they are truly yours" (or something like that)...sometimes that's exactly what needs to happen.  These two were high school sweethearts, went their separate ways, had a "practice" relationship and eventually made their way back to each other.  Both Derek and Rachel have beautiful daughters and now have a beautiful family together. Love wins!

Watch Out for the Lava Monster!

One of my favorite memories of growing up was playing tag in the park.  I have vivid memories of climbing and jumping, squealing and laughing as my family members chased me around and I in turn chased them back.  So this shoot was especially fun for me.  Trenton and Sophia had me running all over the park, trying to catch those genuine smiles.  I was sweating when we were done, but now I can say I have experience photographing "Lava Monsters."

Hunting for Bugs and Avoiding Cow Pies

Whenever I photograph a family, I try to make sure I get equal amounts of images of each child.  But these two...I seriously couldn't tell who was who!  Riley and Shaylee ran, giggled and danced all over the mountain.  We didn't find too many bugs but they made sure to point out every cow patty on the path.  And the cows looked on like we were crazy.

Waterballoon War

There were 2 rules...don't throw a water balloon at anyones head and do not throw a water balloon at the photographer!  Other than that, it was an epic, save yourself, water balloon war! The camera survived and everyone left wet and happy!  Thanks for the genuine smiles and good laughs Stewarts!

Baby Bump by the Sea Shore

Although we went in search of a beautiful coastal sunset, we were met with a cold, overcast beach.  But at 38 weeks, we didn't have much time to reschedule.   So this beautiful mama, gracefully chased her toddler, waded in the water and trudged through the sand.  Anticipating their second baby boy, Micah, I wanted to capture the final stages of her pregnancy and the last few weeks as a family of three.  Big brother Samuel, had a ton of fun playing in the sand and giggling with daddy at the waves.  Congrats Noelle & Scott on your new baby!