Wanna Know How I Do Things??

Are you feeling overwhelmed? You pick up this camera you just spent a good amount of money on and there are SOO many buttons! Or you see other photographers images and they have really cool sun flares you can't seem to figure out how to get. Or maybe your clients look awkward and everyone on Pinterest looks so natural. I get it...running a photography business can be overwhelming. It's so much more than just snapping a few pics and sending them to a client.

Don't worry, we've all been there. Everyone has to start somewhere and the best money you can spend on yourself and your business is education. Investing in yourself will give you the knowledge you need and the confidence to try it.

Mentor Sessions

Face Time Mentor Session

This is your time to really pick my brain. Ask me anything you're struggling with or run some ideas past me. We can screen share and work together on an edit. It's your 2 hours call, so you get to decide what we chat about.


In Person Mentor Session

Do you learn better by seeing and doing?
We spend 2+ hours together going over anything photography related and shooting a family or couple. You shoot along side of me while I explain my process about light, location and posing.


Editing Mentor Session

2 Hour Zoom call with screen share or in person meeting where we go over the basics of culling and editing. You will need to have either Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.


Shoot Outs

Sonoma County Shoot Outs

I am co-founder and co-host to Sonoma County Shoot Outs. Come alongside other creatives to practice, grow and network.

Check out my Instagram for the next shoot out.

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